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My name and meaning behind it
Growing up I have always loved my name, my name doesn’t have any significant meaning to it. But my mom named me and to me that meant the world. My mom had named me after a friend of hers and my middle name I inherited from my great grandma. As I grew up I soon learned Sheila was Australian for girl or girlfriend. Marie has a couple meanings bitter and rebellion.

What’s behind a name

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”
A name doesn’t define who we are, just because the meaning behind our name says one thing, doesn’t mean that’s who we are. We define who we are as a person, by our actions and how we live our lives one day at a time. A name is just a way for us to identify our loved ones and the memories that come with. The person carrying the name is what gives a name its true meaning.

Their point of view
Everyone has their own set of eyes, not one of us sees the same as how another would. So when I read the assignment and read the article suggested to look at, I realized just how different my idea of names and their meanings are. Some believe the meaning of the name defines our futures, tells us what career will work better for us, even the way a name sounds has an affect on us and our lives. So wait! Whoa! I’m confused so why are we letting names control our lives. How is this right? But hey I’m all ears. I do however find this theory very interesting, I just don’t see how scientifically this is in any way accurate and possible. But as I said before we all have an opinion and a right to voice it, agree to disagree.

We all have names
Some of us look for a deeper meaning within a name, others accept it and get to know the person behind the name. In the end its not a name that makes us, us. The way we bite our lip when we think or twirl our hair when were nervous. It’s the way we laugh, talk and walk, every little detail all rolled into one big personality that creates the person we are. You may click this what does my name mean for more source.

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