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Through out the entire world since mankind was born, names of all sorts had their own meaning. One example is the well known name Rex, Rex in latin is said to mean "king" hence why the trex is said to be the king of dinosaurs since the word rex is in it's name. This site however goes a little bit deeper in the topic of names, it explains more than a name's original meaning it goes so far as to go to a spiritual as well as life changing approach with names.

Details on the website

This website can help you and anyone else you know determine what your name truly says about you. The article goes on to explain that names have their own information packed within them that can be quite beneficial to anyone. It goes on to say that your name won't always mean something as unique such as "child of hope" or anything of that nature, at least not for most. Though it does however promise to give you results of your name and how it can help you out in life.

What this Website does

The nice thing about this website is that it will actually be able to scan your name and give the results for you for free. In just a few hours you will receive results for your name and it won't be just a sentence or two regarding it but instead between 4-6 detail pages all about your name and what it means as well as more on your personality, and as well the path in your life. The website goes into much more details on this topic and even offers a video about numerology for those who are interested. This site could be beneficial for those who might want to know more about themselves and their names as well. You may click this what does my name mean for more details.

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