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What Does Your Name Mean?


What is in a name? Apparently a lot. Your name says a lot about you from things about your personality, your love life, and what makes you tick. Who knew that so much went into your name. When thinking of a name for your child, you might want to take into account a few things.

Does The Name Make The Personality or Is It the Other Way Around

When naming your child, you might want to see if you are naming your child based on their personality or naming it for the personality you want them to have. For example, if you name your child Sunny, a bunch of connotations come with that name. Some of them is that the person is always happy, optimistic, and positive. If your child shows signs of being anything but a Sunny maybe you should choose a different name.

Is It a Family Name?

Another thing to consider is whether or not it is worth it to use a family name? If you are to do that, consider this: are you trying to pass on certain traits to your child that this family member may have? If so, there is nothing too wrong with that, but you want to make sure you know that your child still will have their own personality.

Do Research On The Name

If you are worried that the name of your child will influence their personality then make sure to do research on the name. You can start with the internet or visit your local library to look for meanings of names' books.


There are a number of things you should consider before naming your child. As you can see, picking a name can be fraught with different difficulties. Learn more about what does my name mean come visit us at Name-meanings.co.uk.

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