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Your name is a rich tapestry of history, personality and meaning that you probably didn't even know existed. The concept of a name wasn't always something to call you by, once upon a time it served a functional purpose such as telling other people what you did. Remember, names originated at a time when people did not go to school, could not read or write and so a name was everything that was used to identify and introduce yourself as best as you could with one word. This meaning would have a totally different relevance based on where you were in the world. For a simple example, some communities decided to name themselves after where they were from.

Others decided to name themselves after what they did. Some after their religious preference. All of these were ways that other people from your country or community could tell everything they needed to know about you from the moment they met you. It is always worth finding out what your name means back to its origins as it will help you understand a little more about you as a person, and more about your family as a whole. Remember, your name may have been chosen by your family to identify you, but have you ever wondered if you name has helped shape the person you are, or the things you have done?

There is no coincidence that certain biblical names appear a number of times through history, or that place location names seem to stay in the same area. You should take the time to research and learn your name. Many people have no idea what their name means and it carries with it such a story and meaning that they will never be able to pass that onto some other people. Learn more about what does my name mean come visit us at Name-Meanings.co.uk.

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